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Premature Ejaculation Gets Better with Age

Age Gets Better With Wine

Some of you may have noticed that your premature ejaculation becomes less prominent as you get older. Why is this?

The fact is that with more experience, you start to learn what triggers your ejaculation. Having sex with different partners allows you to understand the different sensations your penis can feel. Some women have a tighter vagina, some women may contract (tighten there PC muscle) during intercourse, some women are more lubricated, and some women may turn you on more than others. These factors all attribute to your sexual performance. With more variety and more practice, you eventually become better at controlling your ejaculation.

A man in his fifties can look back and see his positive progress via his own timeline. As a teenager, he would only last for a few seconds. As a young adult, he was able to last a few minutes. At his current age, he can now last for 15 – 20 minutes.

Some people last longer than others, so don’t feel bad if you cannot exceed them. As long as both you and your partner are enjoying the experience with one another, there is nothing wrong with you.

Premature Ejaculation Pharmaceuticals Withdraws IPO

Vyrix Logo

Vyrix Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company currently developing an oral treatment for PE, has withdrew its plans for an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company is owned by Ampio Pharmaceuticals. The stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange is AMPE. The company originally filed for a $30,000,000 IPO in April 2014. Perhaps the company is not quite ready for public offering. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Experts Have Come Up With A Definition for Premature Ejaculation

Definition of Premature Ejaculation

It has taken this long, but finally, experts have come up with a definition for premature ejaculation.

A committee of sexual experts in medicine formulated a new definition for premature ejaculation. The definition refers to both men who were born with the condition and men who developed the condition later on in their lives. For those that were born with the condition, sexual experiences lasted less than a minute after penetration. For those that acquired the condition later on in life, sexual experiences that almost always lasted fewer than three minutes of penetration. According to LiveScience in 2013, men generally lasted on average of four minutes.

I hope this information was enlightening for our readers!

Vietnamese Men Suffering from Premature Ejaculation

Vietnamese - Premature Ejaculation

Approximately 33% of Vietnamese males suffer from premature ejaculation. Another way to put it, one in every three Vietnamese men suffer from premature ejaculation. The unfortunate thing is that the majority have not sought out professional help.

It was reported by interviews and surveys that Vietnamese males were embarrassed about their conditions and did not want to talk about their condition. Only 23 percent of the males who suffered from premature ejaculation sought out for help.

Many Vietnamese males are eating certain animal genitals in hopes to cure their condition. As of now, there is no supporting evidence that this is a working remedy.

Four Myths about Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Myths

Myth # 1 – If you last less than three minutes, you suffer from premature ejaculation.
Premature ejaculation is not categorized by the duration of intercourse. Instead, it is regarded by the time needed to satisfy both parties during intercourse. Therefore, the time a male lasts during intercourse is subject to the satisfaction of both parties during the act.

Myth # 2 – Premature Ejaculation is uncommon.
Surprisingly, premature ejaculation is quite common. It occurs in 31% of men. That is more than a third of the human male population. So do not feel alone, your buddy is most likely suffering from it as well. Interestingly, more males suffer from premature ejaculation than from erectile dysfunction.

Myth # 3 – It will get better if you ignore it.
The initial step in putting an end to premature ejaculation requires admitting to yourself that you need help. Communication with yourself and your partner is essential for alleviating sexual anxiety. It will also give you the confidence to cure yourself from PE.

Myth # 4 – Premature ejaculation is merely psychological.
This is partially true. There are some people who suffer from ejaculate prematurely from performance anxiety. However, there are also many cases of males who suffer from premature ejaculation due to a chemical imbalance (serotonin levels) in their bodies. This imbalance of serotonin lead these males to premature ejaculate during intercourse.

So don’t believe everything you hear. Read up on the facts and have faith in yourself!

Pelvic Exercises Help Cure Long Term Premature Ejaculation

Male Pelvic Diagram - Premature Ejaculation

Studies have shown that a 3 month daily regimen of pelvic exercises has helped put an end to premature ejaculators. The study consisted of 50 males who suffered from life long premature ejaculation. The average ejaculation time of these males were approximately 30 seconds. After the 12 week daily regimen of pelvic exercises, the average ejaculation time increased to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. That is awesome news!

Kegels are a form of pelvic floor muscle exercises. To do this exercise, one should squeeze the PC muscle for a few seconds then release. Repeat the exercise 20 – 30 times a day. It will only take a minute of your day, but it will help your sex life for many years to come.

Marijuana and Premature Ejaculation

Marijuana - Premature Ejaculation

Studies have shown that marijuana may help premature ejaculation. How and why does it work you may ask?

Marijuana is known for its medicinal effects of calming an individual. This will help prevent an anxious premature ejaculator from ejaculating too quickly. There may be some side effects though. Some users of marijuana have reported that at times they became impotent (unable to get an erection) after smoking marijuana.

Some people are against marijuana as a premature ejaculation aid. However, if you do not mind the drug and you have legal access to marijuana, you may want to give it a shot.

Sexual Positions to Turn Her On

Sex Positions - Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation may be a man’s concern during sex; however, the comfort level of her partner is much more important.

The top four sexual positions that women feel the most sensation are the cowgirl position, countertop sitting position, missionary position, and sideway position.

The cowgirl position consists of the woman on top. This allows for the woman to control what feels best for her. It is a great position for the male as well because he gets to relax and watch his lover ride him.

The countertop sitting position consists of the woman sitting on a countertop. The ideal setting is the woman sitting on the top of a kitchen countertop. The male will enter at a lower position thrusting in an upwards 45 degree motion. This is good because it stimulates her g-spot. Continuous stimulation to the woman’s g-spot can lead her to an intense orgasm.

The missionary position consists of the woman on bottom. This is the classic sexual position where the woman lays on her back while the male enters from the top. This position is ideal for women because it allows the couple to have deep eye contact with one another; yielding a heightened experience of closeness.

The sideway position consists of the woman and man spooning. This position does not allow for much motion; however, instead it allows for the couple to cuddle and fondle one another. This position allows the woman emotional satisfaction.

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Happy Days - Premature Ejaculation

Just the other day I was sleeping with a female that I had very strong feelings for. As soon as we got under the sheets, I was so turned on by the fact that we were having sex that the motion of the ocean ended quite soon (less than a minute to be exact). For the past few months, I was having sex regularly and my sexual encounters lasted for at least 5 minutes or so. So this very frustrating situation got me thinking…

I was feeling quite ashamed and embarrassed; however, the girl was quite supportive of my performance. I realized throughout my many years of dating that women are not too concerned about my sexual performance. They are more concerned about whether or not I enjoyed having sex with them. Believe it or not, women are more self-conscious about the act of mating than we are. We need to understand to enjoy the moment and eventually we will perform better over time.

Tempe – A New Rivaling Premature Ejaculation Spray


Sexual aids such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra have been a very popular these days. This multi-billion dollar business is some serious stuff. The new trend of drugs is tackling another important sexual problem; which is commonly referred to as premature ejaculation.

The most popular drug on the market is Promescent. This over-the-counter topical spray drug has been approved by the U.S. FDA and is now being rivaled by a new product called Tempe. This drug will first be released in Europe.

I wonder how long until this drug gets released in the US?